veículo de difusão de informações em análise de marcha, reabilitação e biomecânica, captura de movimento para produções industriais
clinical gait analysis, rehabilitation and biomechanics, industrial "motion capture" (MoCap)

Captura de Movimento Industrial:
Tutoriais "ThatMoCapGirl - MoCap Solutions"

MoCap Solutions:

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Tiago Washburn Technical Account Manager
Phone: (1) (702) 635-5678
20661 Egret Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92646, USA

"MoCap Solutions is the premier manufacturer and supplier of ALL motion capture accessories. We have literally revolutionized the business of motion capture suits and markers. All of our products are made in the United States and held to the same dimensional tolerances and statistical process controls as automotive and aerospace components.

All of our motion capture markers are injection molded from a highly engineered, space age, thermoplastic polymer, an extremely durable yet flexible material. This allows the markers to fit against the human form comfortably yet remain intact during even the harshest motion capture sessions. The one piece design of our mocap markers means that there are no fasteners to break or come loose. That, combined with the physical properties of the polymer material, means our markers are virtually indestructible!

We utilize state of the art 3D CAD software to produce our designs. We build aerospace quality injection molds to manufacture all of our motion capture components. We have developed automated processes to manufacture all of our components. This insures dimensional stability and repeatability to ensure the best possible tracking data."

O que são captura de movimento (Motion Capture - MoCap) e
captura de interpretação (Performance Capture - PeCap)?

Importante: se algum material estiver em desacordo com as leis de direitos autorais, favor informar, e a exclusão total ou parcial será realizada. Estes vídeos foram cedidos, sem custo, pela empresa MoCap Solutions.
Agradecimento especial para:
Sr. Tiago Washburn (MoCap Solutions);
Prof. Luís Filipe Alvarez Penereiro (tradução para a língua portuguesa);
Sr. Rafael Kuvasney Marcolin (legendas e revisão).

1/6: Introduction

2/6: What is Motion Capture

3/6: What Is Performance Capture

4/6: Image Based Capture

5/6: What are Active Markers

6/6: Behind The VFX Festival - London, 2015

Informações adicionais:

Motion Capture Society (MCS)

MCS Web Site

"The Motion Capture Society is an international, professional, honorary nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences, and applications of the motion capture industry.

This society supports people and companies with an expressed interest in the motion capture profession and is committed to enhancing the global state of the motion capture industry. We celebrate everyone from enthusiastic beginners to the industry leaders in every aspect of our community: artists, designers, animators, programmers, directors, producers, hardware and software developers. We celebrate, aggregate, support, train and promote motion capture professionals in their local and global communities. We offer unbiased enthusiastic support of all genres, styles, tools and outlooks. No matter what the format or scope, we tie the whole community together.

Become a member of our society's FREE."

Mocappys: your guide to capturing and editing motion

Simon Kay Motion Capture Supervisor at double Oscar winning Visual Effects Company, Double Negative

"The idea behind this site is to show you how to use MotionBuilder to transform sensor data into the actions and emotions of a character".

Motion Capture Guides:
"Editing Mocap in MotionBuilder?
Get my FREE motion editing workflow for MotionBuilder.
Plus, a guide to the tools you'll need to do it."


"Beowulf", 2007, Robert Zemeckis
Bases para a tecnologia de "Performance Capture" Extras Channel